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Carla Marie has Valentine's Day gifts for your dude, a jewelry staple, and an app to organize your shopping! [vday] I don’t think there is anything worse than having to shop for a guy. To make things a little easier for Valentine’s Day head to GreatGiftsForMen.com. Shop for items by your guy’s personality and even buy things for his mancave.  Shop until 1pm ET today for 2-day shipping to get your gift in time for Valentine’s Day. [jewelry] The Carrie Diaries airs on the CW on Monday nights, it’s the prequel to Sex and the City - a few weeks ago Carrie was wearing a really cute “C” necklace - it was designed by Alex Woo! Initialed accessories are in right now and this necklace is simple yet fashionable. It’s a good staple item to have in your collection. [app] It can be a mess trying to keep track of online orders. The app, Slice, organizes everything for you. Add the email accounts where you send merchant info and you’ll receive notifications when the package is about to hit your doorstep! Slice will remember the items you purchased and let you know if they drop in price so you can get your money back! It also shows you a chart of your spending patterns - SCARY! It’s available on iTunesAndroid, and on the good ol’ web!

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