Celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Hasbro and the fantastical world of My Little Pony, this is the first fine jewelry collection to enchant the world of Equestria with real gold and diamonds!  With the love and magic of the iconic ponies at its heart, this limited edition collection celebrates the 40-year heritage of the brand, from the 1983 classics to everlasting favorites like Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
      My Little Pony offers everyone the freedom to dream big; to explore, express and celebrate what makes them unique today. Just as every pony has their special sparkle and “cutie mark,” every woman has the opportunity to make their mark and celebrate their individuality with this collectable iconic collection. Alex Woo would have loved this nostalgic collaboration as she deeply embraced heart-warming friendships and kindness, magical adventures, and endless laughter.