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Audrey September 2009

We've always been a big fan of Alex Woo jewelry. We first featured her designs in 2003 when Audrey first arrived on the scene, and she's been a regular within our pages since.  She creates amazing designs, from simply bold to intricately minimalist. I especially love her Narissa collection (now in rose gold vermeil, my latest obsession!), with its organic/mosaic/faraway feel. We love that she's still going strong, and now she's getting some serious celebrity love, too.  The Korean girl band Girls' Generation are sporting Alex Woo's silver "9" necklace. The nine-member pop group is mega big in Asia, and they have no shortage of fans on this side of the Pacific.  My personal favorite from her icon collection is her "Little Princess" star earrings. A funky version of the classic diamond studs -- I'd wear them anywhere! (Hint, hint!)  Alex Woo's latest project is a collaboration with Christina Applegate on a new design to fight breast cancer.   The "Tree of Life" pendant represents harmony, hope and renewal, according to Alex, and each of the seven leaves serves as a reminder to live every day of the week to the fullest. Net proceeds go to Right Action for Women, a Christina Applegate Foundation, which encourages women to educate themselves about breast cancer and provides funding for the expensive MRI screenings that help in early detection.  Alex's mother passed away from breast cancer and since then the jewelry designer has been actively involved with a number of charities. She has a number of designs that benefit a variety of charities. - Posted by Anna M. Park in Audrey

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