Lucky Likes it Leighton Meester's Way

Leighton Meester in Lucky Magazine and her Alex Woo Little Letter L

America's ultimate shopping guide and the only magazine all about shopping-trends, tips on where to get the best deals on clothing, home accessories and more, Lucky this month features one of our favorite young actresses. As Lucky says, she is TV's best-dressed new star and portrays a supremely put-together Upper East Side private-school girl on the TV hit Gossip Girl. In real life, however, the Florida native plays it more casual. "On a typical day, you'll find me in a tank top, jeans, and flats," says the 22-year-old. "Even when I'm getting dressed up -- which is a lot these days -- I make sure what I've got on is pretty and comfortable. That's key." Some of the key fashions she loves are romantic dresses, a perfume that can be worn every day and Alex Woo's little letter necklace. Leighton says "I wear this lowercase L by Alex Woo on a long chain so it's sort of hidden and I never have to take it off." So whether it is on and off the small screen (her character Blair Waldorf also wears Alex Woo's little letters B and W) Leighton Meester is quickly moving to the next level of stardom and her style is undeniable.

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