Second City Style - Interview With Jewelry Designer Alex Woo at Nordstrom

Alex Woo took time out of her busy schedule to chat with Second City Style during her Nordstrom personal appearance in March.

Your pieces are gorgeous! "Thank you! My jewelry is something that ties in with your life and represents your personal story. It really motivates me to create something personal with a special meaning, not only designing jewelry because it is pretty. My hope is that my pieces get passed down and become family heirlooms."

Your designs have been featured on Gossip Girl every season, and now on the Carrie Diaries. Did you watch Sex and the City for inspiration?
"I did! Eric (Daman) reached out to me and thought the initial necklace would be perfect for the young Carrie Bradshaw. Blair's signature pieces was my "bw" initial necklace. It was essentially the same design, but we kind of retro-fitted it for Carrie because it's set in the eighties. It was cool to see my designs on characters in the current time and now the past."

That's so interesting! Your pieces are timeless and they can fit in with every era.
"I do try to design versatile pieces. Heidi Klum and Kelly Ripa wear my jewelry and they are fashionable moms, but it also fits in with a twenty year old's look. My clients definitely range in age and have different lifestyles, but all women can wear and layer it all while making it their own. I also designed Mini Addition charms to add to your necklace chain, so you can really get any look you want."

I hear you partnered with Christina Applegate recently.
"Yes, we designed a pendant together to benefit her breast cancer charity. To date, we've raised over $50,000 towards breast cancer research."

That's awesome to have two strong women working together.
"To be diagnosed is really tough. My mom had breast cancer also but sadly she passed away. This was in memory of her also."

Which are some of your collections again?
"I have the Little Letters, Little Numbers, Little Zodiac Signs, and the Little Cities Collections. I try to make each piece clever and it's my modern interpretation of each symbol."

The detail on your jewelry is incredible! Thank you so much!

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