Covert Affairs - Piper Perabo wearing Little Faith Lotus

Piper Perabo wearing Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom in Covert Affairs
Piper Perabo is front and center in Covert Affairs as Annie Walker, a recent recruit who speaks six to twelve languages and seems fearless.  With a mix of drama, action, and humor... lots of humor, this is one of USA Network's most infectious guilty pleasures.  In some of the episodes, Piper is wearing Alex Woo's Little Faith Lotus.  Next up for Perabo is the time-travel thriller Looper starring Bruce Willis, Jeff Daniels, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. 

Annie Walker Bio She may be new to the government's most secretive branch, but 28-year-old Annie Walker has the uncanny instincts, tenacity and persistence that could make this girl-next-door a lethal weapon. Although her first mission unexpectedly ends in a hail of bullets, Annie doesn't get flustered or second-guess her new career path when the Agency unexpectedly promotes her to field operative. If anything, it has made her more determined to be good at her job and see her assignments through...As Annie plunges headlong into her new job, she soon realizes it means having to lead a double life, whether it's lying to her family or facing down ruthless terrorists around the world and enemies of the state. Unlike her older sister Danielle who has worked hard to build a stable, reliable, and predictable life, Annie likes the peripatetic and unpredictable nature of working for the Agency. But she'll soon find out that staying emotionally unattached could prove to be far more challenging than staying alive.

Piper Perabo Bio Piper Perabo currently stars as Annie Walker in Covert Affairs, USA's new drama series that premiered July 13, 2010. In 2007, she was seen in the Christopher Nolan film "The Prestige" with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale; in "Because I Said So" with Diane Keaton and Lauren Graham and in "First Snow," a film directed by Mark Fergus and co-starring Guy Pearce and Adam Scott.  Perabo was also seen in Paramount Vantage's "Carriers" as the female lead opposite Chris Pine and Lou Taylor Pucci in the post-apocalyptic thriller about four friends trying to escape a viral pandemic, but many fans remember her first from her role in "Coyote Ugly" that got her star on the map. A native of Dallas, Texas, Perabo currently resides in New York City.

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