Interview Magazine - Kellan Lutz

Actor, action-movie star, farmhand, Calvin Klein underwear model, and nascent motivational speaker, Kellan Lutz is the man of the moment as Interview Magazine calls it.  With a number of roles including a handsome jock in 90210, a soldier stationed in Iraq in HBO’s Generation Kill (2008), and a vampire in the Twilight series he is the current superhero-in-waiting. Born in North Dakota and raised in Arizona it must not be easy being good looking and with a growing list of fan sites all over the web devoted to his mainstream masculinity Kellan charmingly admits "I know a lot of people who run shirtless because they don’t want their clothes to get sweaty. I’m just a normal person. And I have four paparazzi who sit outside my house all day." During the interview and photo shoot, Kellan confidently wears Alex Woo's Little Letter K with his cross. Read the full article at Interview Magazine

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