Miley Cyrus on GMA and MTV

Miley Cyrus with Alex Woo's Little Note

Miley Cyrus with Alex Woo's Little Note[/caption] With the release of her new album "Breakout" on July 22nd, Miley Cyrus was touring New York City and was seen everywhere wearing one of Alex Woo's Little Notes pendants. From her Good Morning America outdoor live concert to her appearance in Times Square for MTV's TRL she wore them for fashion, luck and a personal connection next to her own name. She even wore them in the photo shoot for her "Breakout" album. Starting at Good Morning America, she broke the record she set last year for attendance when fans young and old packed Bryant Park for the free summer concert. Thousands of screaming fans, teens, tweens and their parents all watched Miley Cyrus sing a few of her hottest hits in the morning from her new album. The 15-year-old singer and actress wrote all but two songs on the album. During the show, GMA had a short Gossip Girl fashion show, but no question about it, Miley rocked the morning with a fashionable plaid button-up shirt, denim cutoff shorts, a pair of suede heeled boots and great jewelry.

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