- Think Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

People Web September 14 2007

 Breast Cancer is something that has affected too many of our moms, sisters, daughters and friends.  So many people have joined together to work to fight this disease.  There are so many easy ways for people to get involved, and every little bit of support helps make a positive difference. is featuring two very special pieces that give back by jewelry designer Alex Woo.  The Pink Ribbon Heart Necklace in sterling silver is a beautiful piece, and the net proceeds are donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.  Additionally, Alex Woo's Pink Ribbon Ring, in rose gold vermeil, is inscribed with the words " involved." Sleek and modern, the ring is designed to be worn by any woman as an everyday reminder of life's important lessons, to contribute to the fight against breast cancer and to remember to get breast exams. Net proceeds from this piece go to the American Cancer Society.

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