People - Battle in 'The Hills'

People August 2007

Blonde vs. Blonde. They were best friends - now they're bitter enemies. What happened? People this week bring you the guide to TV's nastiest feud. At the photo shoot, Heidi Montag wears Alex Woo's Narissa Cuff. Heidi Montag - Season 3 Cast Bio
On the surface, Heidi has everything she ever wanted: a prestigious job promoting parties in Hollywood, a boyfriend she adores in Spencer, a great apartment in the Hollywood Hills, and an engagement ring around the corner. With all of that, she's still missing one thing: her best friend. Since Heidi moved in with Spencer, she hasn't spoken to Lauren at all, and the rift is only getting bigger...Lauren Conrad - Season 3 Cast Bio
Lauren has more to deal with this year than ever. She faces new pressures at work as she and Whitney prepare for their biggest challenge at Teen Vogue yet. She also has a new roommate and a new wing woman in Audrina, and the two of them are hitting the Hollywood dating scene in a big way. But Lauren's past is never far behind...

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