Parade - In Step with Debra Messing

Debra Messing Parade May 2007

The most widely read magazine in America, Parade Magazine generally needs no introduction. With a circulation of 32 million, it began as a small publication and sold on newsstands for a nickel. Today, PARADE is carried by nearly 400 of the nation’s finest Sunday newspapers and reaches 74 million Americans every week who value it for the fun and information of Personality Parade and James Brady’s celebrity profiles. In this week's issue, the former Will & Grace star, Debra Messing, talks about her jump to the big screen, working in Australia on her new movie, The Starter Wife, and more. In the interview with James Brady, she reveals “It’s a dream part for an actress. But it also parallels my life in that, after eight years on Will & Grace, I’m starting over. When we wrapped our series last year, I asked myself, ‘What do I do now?’” After five Emmy nods, in this new movie, she leads the sexy, savvy and wickedly funny tour de force about life after divorce and one woman's quest to redefine herself. In the photo shoot by Timothy White, Debra Messing was photographed wearing a number of Alex Woo's accessories from the Chiara earrings, Sienna bangles, Narissa Earrings, and Vida Pendant.

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