Parade - Sigourney Weaver

Parade April 2007

The most widely read magazine in America, Parade Magazine generally needs no introduction. The paper is carried by nearly 400 of the nation’s finest Sunday newspapers and reaches 74 million Americans every week who value it for the fun and information of Personality Parade and James Brady’s celebrity profiles. Sigourney Weaver is back on top. With box-office hits, two Golden Globe awards (for Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl), three Oscar nominations, a Tony nomination and an Emmy nod for Showtime’s Snow White she is going to be seen in a few projects soon. The star just signed on with HBO to play Gypsy Rose Lee and wrapped a movie shot here in New York, The Girl in the Park, due out this fall. Most anxiously awaited is her film with James Cameron, who directed her in Aliens. She reveals “We’ll be doing a movie called Avatar, set in a rain forest on another planet...” In the photo shoot, Sigourney Weaver was photographed wearing Alex Woo's Sienna bracelets.

Photos: Andrew Eccles

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