Self - Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow Self March 2007

On the cover this month, singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow shows that you can be both strong and sweet. Having battled cancer and experienced heartbreak, all in the public eye, this Southern musician proved at the Self New York City photo shoot she is still true to her down-home roots. An example of this came when she chatted about living part-time in Nashville where she rides her horse every day. In the photo, Sheryl Crow mixes metals and textures and wears Alex Woo's Sienna Luxe Bangles to amazing grace. Join her and Laurie David on their “Stop Global Warming College Tour” Starting Monday, April 9th, she will visit 12 cities across the Southeastern United States in a bio-diesel bus to motivate college students to become part of the movement to stop global warming and demand solutions from themselves, their schools and their country.

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