Life & Style - Paris Give me a Star!

Paris Hilton Life & Style November 2006

Paris Hilton Has it All-money, fame, men, cars and more clothes than she can wear. But there's one thing missing from the heiress' life - a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! At an event on Oct. 30 honoring veteran TV Producer and LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss with a star on the Walk of Fame, Paris was heard lamenting about her lack of recognition, an eyewitness tells "I don't even know half these people," she said, according to the eyewitness. "And like most of them are dead. I should totally have a star. I deserve one. I'm one of the most famous people on earth!" Jewelry junkie: Paris Hilton picking up three Little Number One necklaces by Alex Woo - a diamond, gold, and silver version - at Henri Bendel in NYC and exclaiming to the sales girl, "That's hot," before paying.

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