The Oprah Winfrey Show - Eva Longoria

Oprah Show February 2006

The sizzling star talks about boyfriend Tony Parker, family and a dream come true. Growing up on her parents' simple Texas ranch, Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria says her family had a whole lot of love, but not much money. Now, Eva has bought her parents the house they never had and enlists design expert Nate Berkus to transform it to the home of their dreams. From terra cotta tiles to Wild West granite, Nate helped Eva blend bright colors and traditional handicrafts to reflect the Longorias' cultural heritage. Eva's parents love it! "I feel like I'm in Mexico," says Eva's mom. "It's great…it's wonderful!"

When Nate and Eva were with her parents discussing decorating ideas for their new space and seen during the interviews, Eva was wearing Alex Woo's No. 9 necklace from the Little Numbers Collection - a favorite that sparked her number 9 fashion craze.

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