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WWD April 2002
This spring, accessories designers are looking for a little peace, love and understanding. In the wake of the Sept. 11th attacks, Americans worldwide began rallying to support the victims and their families, as well as the tireless rescue workers. Here, Alex Woo's patriotic flag-inspired pendant "Stars and Stripes" is highlighted as the design was special accessory that symbolized the strength of all Americans while generating thousands of dollars for charity.  Tuesday, September 11, 2001 is a day that will remain in all of our minds for the rest of our lives. Woo discusses why this was such an important cause to her, "Born and raised in New York, witnessing the two towers fall with all of its victims saddened and angered me in the deepest way. During that week, I donated blood and supplies like many Americans, but still felt helpless and wanting to do more. Amidst the grief that I felt, I decided to design a pendant that could be worn everyday to show patriotism and support as well as raise money for the victims. Thus, the “Stars and Stripes” pendant was born, where each stone (red rhodolite, white topaz, and a blue iolite) represented the colors of the American flag and its stripes and the sparkling silver chain the stars. Constructed from a solid pillar of sterling silver, the pendant is further symbolic, because it represented the tower of strength, support, and solidarity that all Americans demonstrated during that period of time." All of the proceeds from the sale of the pendant were donated to the United Way's September 11th Fund. In response to these attacks, United Way and The New York Community Trust established The September 11th Fund to mobilize resources to respond to the urgent needs of victims and their families affected by these attacks. 

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