Ally McBeal - Season 4, Episode 21 "Queen Bee"

Ally McBeal 2001 LucyLiu

Created by David E. Kelley, Ally McBeal , was a mixed comedy-drama show about the trials and tribulations of a 28-year-old lawyer by the name of Ally McBeal (Calista Flockhart), who was just fresh out of Harvard Law School.

In this episode, the firm's new client, Sydney Gale (guest star Christine Lahti) is causing quite a stir. Sydney considers herself a queen bee - literally. Her successful ad agency is staffed with many talented and capable men, who submit to Sydney's every need. And she means every. Which leads to her being sued for sexual harassment by a staffer who was fired when he told Sydney he'd no longer stroke her sexy ego.  Not one to be outdone, the "Queen Bee" of Cage and Fish, Ling Woo, shows Sydney who's the boss.
Shown in the photos, Lucy Liu wears the classic Alex Woo Kelly earrings to bring across her message.

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