Real Style Network - We Found It: AnnaSophia Robb's C Necklace on The Carrie Diaries

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw was famous for wearing her signature Carrie necklace on Sex & the City, and now AnnaSophia Robb’s young Carrie is making an ID statement all of her own on the CW’s The Carrie Diaries with her signature “C” necklace. The initial necklace is actually an Alex Woo Little Letter necklace, and it’s available in all 26 letters if the alphabet at What we love most about the Alex Woo Little Letters necklace is that you can customize it to spell out a full name or do multiple initials or write out a word like “love.” It’s so very Carrie Bradshaw. You also can bedazzle it with diamonds or opt for a more simple silver version of the pendant.

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