Instyle - What's Right Now! Why Freida Pinto Wears a Chimpanzee Necklace

Freida Pinto knows how to work “statement” jewelry! The actress stopped by Nylon’s 13th anniversary party this week, where she accessorized her Prada shift with a delicate gold chimpanzee pendant by Alex Woo, the sales of which benefit the Jane Goodall Institute. “It’s the kind of necklace that doesn’t need to be worn with anything special,” Pinto said of the piece, which Woo designed in honor of Disney’s Chimpanzee movie, out April 20th.

“When you’re wearing something to support a good cause, the rest doesn’t matter. Prada just helps it.”

Shop the necklace in eco-friendly recycled sterling silver and 14-karat gold.

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