The Insider - Details on the 'Carrie Diaries' Wardrobe!

Given the fact that costume designer Patricia Field's outrageous but brilliant Carrie Bradshaw outfits on Sex and the City are legendary, it's safe to say that expectations are pretty high for the wardrobe a young Carrie (played by AnnaSophia Robb) Bradshaw will sport in the 80s-set Carrie Diaries. Luckily, experienced costume desiger Eric Daman (who's responsible for all the gorgeous Gossip Girl looks) is taking the reigns, and is dishing on all the awesome looks to come! "Well the show takes place in the 80's so Stephanie Savage [the show's creator] and I decided to create a sense of 'aspirational authenticity' because the 80’s were really decadent and as for as clothing goes, you want to make it very modern -- we wanted to inject freshness," he tells And fans will be happy to know that the new show will definitely include a nod to the infamous "Carrie necklace." "We are doing a little 'C' necklace; it's by Alex Woo," he reveals. But although everything seems to be going swimmingly for the highly anticipated prequel, Daman does acknowledge the enormous weight on the shoulders of AnnaSophia to carry on the fashionable role. "I think the team in charge of casting the Carrie role did a really great job. AnnaSophia is a delight, she's a free spirit, a quirky little girl," he says, before adding, "She has a very big Manolo to fill!"

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