Jewel Snob - Alex Woo Little Faith Collection: Articles of Faith

Jewelry spans years and generations, and some pieces rarely leave our sides. So shouldn't it be meaningful? I love jewelry with spiritual significance (though I will not shun big ole' rocks given, "just because"!) Alex Woo's ethereal Little Faith Collection embraces symbols from different religious beliefs intended to provide important spiritual reminders and guidance. And now it's got some new additions. From the protective Hamsa Hand to the motivating Chai (meaning "living"), each necklace embodies a positive, uplifting message. My favorite is the Angel Wing. Your own guardian angel around your neck - how great is that? Nothing feels more comforting than having your special protector near your heart. The OM and the Faith symbols are also stylish tokens of blessings. You can even wear several together to make your own statement. All of the Little Faith pieces are handcrafted in 14-karat yellow or white gold, or sterling silver (some feature diamonds) and no two pieces are identical. They are delightful as gifts - what better way to show someone you're celebrating what's really important in life - jewelry plus a meaningful message! Written by the Jewel and Bag Snob Tina Craig from Texas.  Thanks!

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