Samantha Who? Season Two

Christina Applegate with Alex Woo Vida Earrings

Christina Applegate with Alex Woo Vida Earrings Samantha...WHO? That's what Sam Newly irresistibly played by Christina Applegate would like to know! Upon waking up from an eight-day coma she can't remember a thing -- not her boyfriend, her parents, her job, not even herself. Although some things are best left forgotten Sam is determined to dig up the "goods" on herself. With a little help from her ex-boyfriend ex-doorman her too (make that two) few friends and slightly odd parents Samantha gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a bad-girl-gone-good. If you missed the first season, indulge yourself in the ultimate do-over fantasy with the fresh new hit comedy created by Donald Todd and Cecelia Ahern. In the first episode, Christina Applegate wears Alex Woo's Vida Earrings after teaming up with her mother for a dance competition in order to beat her mom's nemesis. Lighting up the dance floor with some unusual moves, Samantha exemplified the true meaning of "Pura Vida" (see left). In the second episode, Christina sports Alex Woo's Narissa Earrings perfectly at poolside.

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