Watching The Women

Meg Ryan with Alex Woo's Siri Pendant

 Meg Ryan with Alex Woo's Siri Pendant[/caption] Mary Haines (Meg Ryan) has a rich husband, an adorable 11-year-old daughter, a beautiful country home and a close-knit circle of friends. Her life is perfect.... or so her friends thought. The sweet, happily-wedded Mary finds her marriage in trouble when perfume sales girl Crystal Allen (Eva Mendes) gets her hooks into Mary's man. Naturally, this situation becomes the hot talk amongst Mary's socialite friends, especially the scandalmonger Sylvia Fowler (Annette Bening). Set in Manhattan with a band of A-list actresses also including Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith and Candice Bergen, "The Women" is a modern adaptation of Clare Boothe Luce's 1936 play. Prior to this film by Diane English, the play had been adapted into a feature film by George Cukor in 1939. In the film, look for two of the most enduring actresses Meg Ryan and Annette Bening wearing Alex Woo jewelry. Meg Ryan wears Alex Woo's Siri Pendant as she finds her way back and reinvents herself and Annette Bening wears the sparkly diamond Lucia pendant

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