Real Simple - Gray Matters

Real Simple September 2008

What color goes with everything and never goes out of style? Think gray, this season's easiest neutral. In the world of color personality, red is thought of as dynamic, yellow as perpetually cheery, orange as stimulating.  But gray? Gray is "dull" and "wishy-washy." And that's a bum rap.  In truth, gray is a wonder color, so unexpected that even a bit of it breathes life into an ensemble.  It's incredibly versatile, making other neutrals look modern and rich, and softening summer brights so they're wearable when the season calls for something more toned down.  Plus, a broad range of shades makes it easy to find one that flatters you.  Now, can you say any of that about orange? In the photo, a wool-blend pullover in dark gray is double knit, so it offers durability along with a shapely drape. Wear it with sleek black trousers for extra polish and Alex Woo's Sienna Hoop Earrings. Written by Elinor Smith.

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