Filter Magazine Allures Priscilla Ahn

Filter Summer 2008

Summer 2008 Sometimes you hear a melody that’ll make you smile or a voice so enchanting it’ll melt your heart. In the case of Priscilla Ahn, the newest most talked-about "folk-pop " artist, both scenarios apply.

Born Priscilla Natalie Hartranft in 1984 from a small town in Pennsylvania, the singer has been slowly building a devoted following over the last few years. Currently, based in Los Angeles her album A Good Day (featuring "Dream") came out this summer on Blue Note Records (the folks who brought you Norah Jones) and was critically supported.
Having been featured on the soundtrack for Grey's Anatomy and on the Late Show to David Letterman, her songs where she at times play both guitar and harmonica are intimate and soulful.


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