Flat Earth Baked Veggie Crisps Commercial

Flat Earth Commercial - 2008

If you watch more than 30 minutes of TV a week, most likely you've seen Flat Earth's cute flying pig commercial.
In the ad, a healthy attractive woman follows a piglet into her house and discovers a bag of Flat Earth Chips. When she bites into a chip the pig walks outside and flys away. The point? Flat Earth is where nutritious and delicious have finally come together. Sound impossible? When pigs fly? Well, at Flat Earth, they believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Like combine nutrition with real chip taste. Just like it was once hard to believe that the earth was round, Flat Earth makes what some thought was an impossible snack, possible - a convenient, better-for-you snack made with real vegetables and fruits.
The name is a constant reminder that previously held beliefs can be changed and their whimsical icon, the Flying Pig, is a fitting symbol for a snack that was once thought impossible. During the commercial, a catchy song by Orba Squara called "Sunshine" is playing in the background and the actress wears Alex Woo's Little Faith Lotus all in a comprehensive effort to get women to eat Frito-Lay snacks and the spirit of sisterhood. Similar to the flower, we start our journey with humble beginnings and finds our way to the sun, blooming and basking in the gleaming sunlight. Check out “Only in a Woman’s World” on YouTube of what’s top of mind with women today through light-hearted comical videos.

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