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Glamour Oct 2007

Edited for the contemporary American woman, Glamour gives you the best hair and beauty tips that work for your face, and gives you the real scoop on all your relationship and sex questions, plus monthly horoscopes and important health and diet news. Plus, with a hilarious Dos and Don'ts section Glamour is girl talk, pure and simple. In this issue, Emmy-award winner America Ferrera, star of Ugly Betty, is climbing Hollywood’s A-list—and she’s ignoring the unwritten rule that says stars must be blond and Twizzler-thin. With plenty of in-depth questions, one of many interesting ones was how she feels about walking the red carpet—love it or hate it? "Personally, I hate it. You are expected to conform to every single expectation. People will say, 'Try as hard as you can not to sweat on the red carpet.' Meanwhile you are super nervous, and there are tons of camera flashes, and people are screaming your name. It’s not fun—not for me, at least!" In the Glamour Get feature, the editors provide a new way to spice up your go-to timepiece by simply layering it with a bracelet or two in "Take your watch, add a bangle" Matched up with the Switch watchmaker Tissot, Alex Woo's Sienna Rose Gold diamond bangle stands out. Tip: Match your bangle to the metal on your watch or its strap.

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