Elle's Greatest Hits

Elle July 2007

With Kelly Clarkson gracing the cover of Elle's Music Issue, you know it is going to be good. Inside, the American Idol shares her thoughts about her life, the music industry and about her ‘type’ - “I can’t stand pretty boys. The guys I date are the just-rolled-out-of-bed, scruffy type. Baseball cap, flannel shirt. Like Luke on Gilmore Girls.” With a feature inside Elle dedicated to Shops - Greatest Hits "the love affair between the music industry and fashion couldn't be stronger these days, with looks from spring and fall channeling the most dramatic trends from hip-hop to hippie. Whether you're feeling inspired to lighten up this summer with breezy tie-dyes, sharpen your edge with fierce, neo-punk accessories, or incorporate hints of raveresque neon, the key is to selectively update your closet and, at the same time, as music legends have done before, stay true to your roots. Shown on the page include Alex Woo's Little Notes collection."-By Nina Garcia

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