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People Espanol April 2007

For the 2007 annual edition of the 50 Most Beautiful, PEOPLE en Español editors gathered eight of today’s most popular stars under the same roof. Mexican Novela actresses Angélica Vale and the gorgeous Ludwika Paleta both wear Alex Woo jewelry in the photos and shines among others such as Mario López and the talented Alejandro Fernández. LUDWIKA PALETA (28) Jewelry: Chiara Earrings OUTSTANDING IN…: Being featured in countless novelas. The actress recently starred in ITALIC {Duelo de Pasiones}] (Univisión) with Pablo Montero, with whom she had a romantic relationship. INTERESTING TIDBIT: After separating from her husband, actor Plutarco Haza, the two decided to give it another try and plan on giving a sibling to son Nicolás, 7. “I think very good things are ahead, a period of calm, plenty of peace, at last.” ANGÉLICA VALE (31) Jewelry: Sienna Necklace OUTSTANDING IN…: Her role as Lety in the novela La Fea Más Bella (Univisión). “This year, I was very comfortable because I didn’t have to wear high heels, stay on top of my makeup,” Vale said. “It was wonderful.” INTERESTING TIDBIT: After the success of this nighttime soap opera, she’s thinking carefully about her next career move while the job offers keep pouring in. “She’s very talented and whatever they cast her in, she’ll do it right,” said her mother, actress Angélica María.
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