Los Angeles Daily News - Mother's Day Gift Guide

Los Angeles Daily News May 2006
M is for the many things she ... uh, well, you know what's coming. It's Mother's Day on May 14, the one day when children of all ages stop what they're doing to pay their respects to the family matriarch. And give her presents. After all, what's a special day without a gift? If you haven't already scoured the malls and amazon.com, you might be able to find that perfect little something on this and the following pages. Our staff writers have suggestions to pamper and spoil, entertain and amuse, tempt and satisfy. But hurry ... there are only seven shoppping days left. ONE LUCKY NUMBER: Many celeb moms have become fans of jewelry designer Alex Woo's Little Number necklaces, including Kelly Ripa, who wears a No. 3 for her kids, and Courteney Cox Arquette, who wears a No. 13 for daughter Coco's birthday. From an anniversary to a lucky number, the Little Numbers collection can be personalized for any mom. The necklaces are available in silver, gold or diamonds.

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