O Magazine - Getting Dressed

O April 2006

Expanding on her enormously successful enterprises in television, film and on the web, Oprah Winfrey in April 2000 channeled her positive, motivational spirit into one of the most highly anticipated new magazines in recent memory. Since then it has been lauded as perhaps the single best magazine as women's personal growth guide for the new century. Giving confident, smart women the tools they need to explore and reach for their dreams, to express their individual style and to make choices that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life, the magazine serves as a catalyst for transforming women's lives from one of the most trusted women in America. Filled with empowering ideas stamped with Oprah's unique vision on everything from health & fitness, careers and relationships to beauty, fashion, home design, books and food, this month Alex Woo's jewelry adorns one of the models. Michelle Walker, age 23, an aspiring model and singer knows how to wear the No-color color. She has a natural attitude that is laid back and this dusty mocha chiffon dress brought out the lovely golden sheen in her complexion. Wearing Alex Woo's Zahrah Bracelet she looks amazing and is ready to impress anyone.

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