The Today Show - Add a Dash of Style to Your Holiday

Try some star-gazing for inspiration this gift-giving season. Style expert Bobbie Thomas shows the 'Today' show's Ann Curry some Hollywood-inspired gift ideas. 
Ann Curry: You know I got to tell you, you know the whole monogram thing, you say was so last year - so the question is what is this year? This morning on our "Countdown to Christmas," adding a dash of Hollywood dazzle to your holiday gifts. If you're stumped on what to get this year for people you love, well 'Today' contributor and style expert Bobbie Thomas has stopped by with some great gift ideas from Tinsel Town. Bobbie, good morning, it's great to see you!
Bobbie Thomas: Good morning, you too! Well monograms, yeah, they're always going to be ok. They're personal, but this year -- its numbers. We're seeing lots of celebrities not flip for the big bling, but more in the special stuff like in the jewelry segment we did. Bobbie Thomas: Kelly Ripa is wearing a 3 to symbolize her three children and its a good idea because it is something that shows you took an extra step in selecting a gift.
Ann Curry: What do you mean? Why the numbers?
Bobbie Thomas: Well Alex Woo's Little Number Collection features these Little Numbers and Eva Longoria is sporting this number 9 to show her boyfriend Tony Parker, the basketball player, that she's his biggest fan.
Ann Curry: Ahhh....
Ann Curry: So its another way to making things personal!

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