Best Damn Sports Show Period - Holiday Gift Guide

Best Damn Sports Show December 2005

In July 2001, Fox Sports decided to introduce a sports show like no other. Not only would it cover all important sports news and scores, but it would also feature some of the funniest comedians, and most of them are ex-players. Some of them are John Kruk, John Salley, and Michael Irvin. Topped off with comedians Tom Arnold and Chris Rose, Playboy Playmate of the month for 1998 Lisa Dergan, and Lisa Guerrero, the show is one of the most fun to watch when it comes to sports. In a special holiday segment, Best Damn Sports Show's gift guru Bobbie Thomas stopped by the show to help the fellas out there how to come up with the perfect gift for her. In the segment, she talked excitedly about Alex Woo's Little Number Collection and highlighted how there is no secret that men want a Plasma TV, but women, in contrast, seldom just come out and ask for what they want. With the appeal of personalization and a desire for individuality, Alex Woo's "little numbers" allows women to style their wardrobe in their own "little" way. Using any combination of numbers, and a choice between silver, yellow gold and even diamonds, the look is fresh and modern ... and fun! Pros that bought Alex Woo: Eva Longoria: wears a gold "9" in support of her boyfriend, Tony Parker, and his San Antonio Spurs' jersey number. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: has a gold "4" in support of her husband, Tim Hasselbeck, and his Washington Redskins' jersey number. New York Jets Curtis Martin's mom: wears "28" to show her love and support of her son's jersey number. Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis's mom: wears "52" to show her love and support of her son's jersey number.

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