Florida International - Holiday Gift Guide 2005

Florida International December 2005

Take a page out your favorite book and write your own holiday blockbuster. Do you need to revamp that red carpet wardrobe, or acquire that A-lister's private jet passport? You create the script with FI's Gift Guide, here to cast you in the perfect role: become a black-and-white starlet in The Luxe Life, trade special effects for genuine spectacle in Future Fantasy, get artsy and wow the Sundance crowds with Bohemian Chic, and embody Old World elegance with Retro Sophisticates. Wishing you a dazzling holiday season -- can't wait for the sequel. In the gift guide, Alex Woo's Francesca bracelet and Skylar earrings are said to be for "techies and New Age style makers: gifts that channel the future today."



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