Jezebel Magazine - Luck Be A Lady

Jezebel August 2005

One of Atlanta's most prominent lifestyle magazine for sophisticated, affluent & professional consumers, Jezebel this month features Cole Hauser on the cover.A descendant of the Warner Brothers empire, this actor is living up to his family's reputation and is best known for his role in Paparazzi

Similar to Alex Woo's love for travel, Hauser admits "I feel like you can learn how to act in acting class and you can learn things in school, but the best education there is, in my opinion, is travel..." 

In the fashion section, Alex Woo's latest collection are singled out.
"Celebrating the fascination for the hip, hot and vibrant Sin City, The "Vegas" collection from jewelry designer Alex Woo is lighting up the fashion scene. The line consists of small playing card icons elegantly sculpted in solid silver, 14 kt gold or diamonds. Put your money on one of these hot little numbers for the fall; it's a sure bet."

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