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Instyle May 2005

Teri Hatcher is 'Desperate' and loving it in this summer edition of InStyle. With the hottest show on TV and a certain new golden accessory on her trophy shelf, we should all be so desperate. As she states in the feature story, "My parents taught me there was no space to feel good about myself without being hurtful to someone else. I'm trying to find the place to let myself deserve something for a while. Like the Golden Globe: I know that winning doesn't mean I'm 'better' than the other nominees. But I also don't have to go, 'I didn't deserve it.' . . ." Speaking of deserving, Alice Rose Hurley asks InStyle readers - "Want to bring a little sparkle to the season's new styles? Our choices (all with affordable price tags of $250 or less) offer something for everyone" in the Cheap Chic Real Deals article. Featured in the Prep School section, Alex Woo's Cindy Necklace may remind you of a "summer in Nantucket."

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