Gotham - Wedding Apparent

Gotham Febuary 2005
The flame haired star of Will & Grace, Debra Messing, returns to the big screen in the perfect for Valentine's Day flick, The Wedding Date, and graces the cover of this month's glossy Gotham.

In the exclusive article with outstanding photos, Messing confesses "Being away from NY is something I have never recovered from. I survive in LA, but NY has such energy, a vitality....I feel alive."
In the guilty pleasures "Wedding Apparent" feature, Gotham states "when asked what gift people appreciate most, something extremely thoughtful usually takes the (wedding) cake" and highlighted Alex Woo's collection of jewelry.

Groom with a View - Hey grooms Perhaps the sweetest gift to give your bride on the wedding day is one that has meaning for both of you. Give her Alex Woo's Little Numbers Collection with the date of your wedding on the chain, and she will see your for the romantic you really are. 

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