Ally McBeal - Season 4, Episode 16 "The Getaway"

AllyMcBeal 2001 Elana

Richard befriends a young beauty while vacationing in L.A. - Jane, who agrees to go back to his room and "do the Hustle." (That's not a euphemism, Richard wanted to dance.) Two steps and one kick later, police bust in and arrest Richard for solicitation! Jane tells John that she's not a prostitute, only an escort. Actually she's an actress whose shady agent considers escorting an acting gig. Enlisting the help of Jane's buxom roommate (guest star Elena Lyons), John successfully gets Jane out of her contract and gets Richard's charges to be dismissed.

Pictured are Elena Lyons wearing the classic Eve circle necklace and the Sadie bar pendant.

Fun Fact: In Episode 21 of Ally McBeal, talented actress Lucy Liu wears another of Alex Woo's jewelry.

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