Jillian - Mini Ribbon

My name is Jillian and I have your mini rose gold Breast Cancer Ribbon piece. When this piece came out and I saw that a portion of the proceeds would be going to research I knew that it was a piece of jewelry that I had to have! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 at the age of 40. The cancer was found during her very first mammography and she is the first in our family to be diagnosed. She went through radiation treatments and is to date a 13 year survivor. Breast cancer awareness is a cause we as a family donate to regularly and participate in walks and organizations that donate to the research based awareness. I wear my ribbon in honor of my mother, who is not only my mom, but my friend, and I am truly blessed to have to her with me today. Donating to the cause and wearing the ribbon in order to constantly spread awareness is my story and continues on for my mom’s survival.




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