Ladies’ Home Journal – Robin Roberts

“I don’t want to say I survived cancer – I want to say I kicked its butt!” Robin Roberts did just that while fighting her battle with breast cancer and we find out how she did this in the October issue of Ladies Home Journal. “Things that used to bother me, like getting my hair wet in the rain, now make me laugh. I don’t sweat the small stuff.” Robin’s life has changed drastically but it has helped her to see life in a whole new perspective and we admire her for that! This month’s cover radiates with Robin’s contagious smile and Alex Woo’s Zhuli Earrings! Inside are some more shots of her wearing this unique piece which has convinced everyone at Alex Woo that the Zhuli Collection was made for her - wouldn’t you agree? Be sure to check out Ladies Home Journal to learn more about Robin’s struggles and how she overcame them – she’ll be sure to inspire you as she has inspired us!

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