People - Mother's Day Gift Guide: Heidi Klum

With the celebration of Mother’s Day upon us, People Magazine’s May 9th issue fills you in on how to gift your Mom like the star that she is! From candles to candy, People found the goodies celebrities like to give and get… With personalized jewelry, you can make it meaningful with the kid’s initials and birthstones. Amongst an array of trendy personalized jewelry, Alex Woo is perfectly nestled into the mix with her Little Number Collection worn by Heidi Klum! Heidi Klum wears Alex Woo’s 14kt yellow gold “Little Number 4” necklace (she has four kids) and sterling silver Mini Heart. Kelly Ripa loves Alex Woo’s Little Numbers too! Ripa has been seen wearing a diamond “Little Number 3” for her three beautiful children.

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