Couture Daily - Alex Woo Honors Expectant Mothers

Couture Daily July 2009

This spring, Alex Woo celebrates the launch of her newest Icon collection, Little Baby, inspired by expectant mothers.  Realizing that the jewelry industry lacked a fitting way to celebrate the joy of being an expectant mother, Woo decided to give parents a collection that would eternalize their most treasured moments.  Chic and classic, the collection holds a deep and meaningful story for the wearer,  embodying the essence of the Icons collection.  Designed to spark emotion, this collection is comprised of ducky pendants, teddy bears, pioggy banks and a dreamy moon cloud.  The teddy bear, ducky and piggy bank pendants are available with or without a delicate bow for feminine and masculine versions.  The pieces offer a fresh take on the emblems of childhood along with the classic elegance you'd only expect from Alex Woo...



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