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Lucky November 2007

America's ultimate shopping guide and the only magazine all about shopping-trends, tips on where to get the best deals on clothing, home accessories and more, Lucky this month explores four stylish women and the possibilities of a "slouchy take on a tailored" silk vest. Offbeat When it comes to getting dressed, marketing manager Katie Alexander's goal is to create the right ratio of masculine to feminine pieces. "I don't mind anything that's fussy or prissy, but I don't want all of my clothes to look too hard," explains the 27 year-old. "The combination of a cinched-in vest, blazer with big buttons, and snakeskin purse is very '40s womanly, but the sturdy olive-colored pants and big leather boots are rugged. It's cool in a risk-taking, Amelia Earhart sort of way." Topped off with Alex Woo's Chiara pendant, it makes a strong statement, but still seems low-key.

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