Alison Krauss Music Video "Missing You"

Alison Krauss 2007

Alison Krauss was the heart to bringing bluegrass to a new audience in the '90s. Blending bluegrass with folk, she was instantly acclaimed from the start of her career, but it wasn't until her platinum-selling 1995 compilation 'Now That I've Found You' that she became a mainstream star. Born July 23, 1971, Alison Krauss grew up in Champaign, Ill., where her parents encouraged her and her brother, Viktor, to play instruments at an early age. Soon after taking up the violin, Krauss discovered fiddle contests and bluegrass festivals where she earned her initial acclaim as an instrumentalist, but it was soon clear her voice captivated everyone's attention. In this stunning duet, Alison Krauss pairs up with Nashville superstar John Waite with a new rendition of the radio staple "Missing You," and is wearing Alex Woo's sparkling Cindy earrings.

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