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Jenna Fischer My Space November 2006
"A HUGE BLOG of: Gift Ideas - My Favorite Things - And Other News  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! James and I had a wonderful night eating turkey and stuffing and green beans and mashed potatoes and crescent rolls and cookies and pie and homemade ice cream with our family until we were ready to burst. With Thanksgiving over, it's time to start shopping for the holidays. How does this time of year always manage to creep up on me?! In celebration of today being the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I'd make a list of some of my favorite things. I can't guarantee that these items will be available by Christmas but you might find a good gift in here somewhere. I'm always looking for good gift ideas…especially for my husband who is so hard to buy for…and I find gift idea lists helpful. (I've already bought 2 things I read about in Newsweek.) ... I just discovered a new jeweler named Alex Woo. When I was in New York, I borrowed her diamond peace dove necklace and wore it on the Letterman show. I fell in love with it. I got a gold one for myself and I wear it nearly every day. All of her jewelry is fantastic. It's pricey, but if you want to splurge on your lady you might want to check it out. The gold dove costs $398. They have a sterling silver one for $129. I should also mention that the chain it comes with is awesome and the piece itself is heavy… meaning that it feels substantial even though it is tiny. There are other less expensive items on the website as well. She also does an entire line of numbers...Eva Longoria wears a diamond "9" pendant because it is the number on her boyfriend's basketball jersey."

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