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Shefinds Feb 2006

What: Alex Woo’s Little Numbers The number game: 5 is the number of outfits I tried on before deciding what to wear for a date; 3 is the number of poppy seeds stuck between my teeth during the date; 4 is the number of hours my date waited to tell me about the poppy seeds. Well, I’m hoping to improve my game with some meaningful numbers from Alex Woo’s adorable Little Numbers collection. Celebrities like Eva Longoria have been spotted wearing a gold “9” for the jersey number of her boyfriend Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. Julia Roberts wears a “2” for her twins. The number pendants come in silver, yellow gold, or my favorite, diamonds set in white gold. Find these necklaces and Alex Woo’s minimalist chic Sienna heart necklaces at Henri Bendel or at SheFinds knows that as a busy career woman you may not have time to shop. You may not even have time to browse the web much less paw through endless piles of cashmere sweaters at the mall. But you still want to look good and stay on top of the trends. Relax. SheFinds is a website that tells you what to buy as they study the trends and surf the web for the best items to be found anywhere. Today, they highlight Alex Woo's ever popular Little Numbers collection.

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