The Daily News: Bay Area Style

Daily News Group December 2005
Accessorize with charm Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2005 Charms.The latest trend or a classic tradition? Generations of women have collected charms. They wore them to mark milestones, celebrate anniversaries or to bring good luck. Charms are just as popular today as they ever were. Today, jewelry designers are introducing collections designed to reflect the special moments in our lives. From Hollywood starlets’ favorite “Little Number” collection from Alex Woo to Juice Couture's funky new offerings, bringing the jingle jangle of charms back to your wrist, neck or ears has never been more, shall we say, ... charming. Alex Woo’s “Little Number” collection is a favorite among Hollywood’s A-listers and is a prime way to display your special digits. So what’s your number?

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