Adore Shop October 2005

Make this season (and you!) shine with great jewelry finds from So-Cal's hippest, hottest designers! Show them off:  Your hands wil love looking glam! Alex Woo's Fiona stackable baguette rings in peridot, garnet and blu. Art & Craft: Thes rings are more than jewelry -- they're wearable art. 
Alex Woo's Linda stackable tear shaped rings are shown in citrine, blue and amethyst. Hot and cool: Show off your hip sense of style with these easy pieces.  Sienna cuff (sterling silver), Little Number stacking rings (silver).
A nice ring to it: Raise your hand if you love these stackable beauties, Roxy solitaire rings in white, garnet and peridot. Sumptuous silver: Can a girl ever have too much?  Sienna bangles-round silver, Malia silver rings with gold flower charm.

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