Lee Ann Womack - "Twenty Years and Two Husbands Ago"

Lee Ann Womack 2005

Country superstar Lee Ann Womack, affirms that no matter how many loves you've lost, you will recognize your own life somewhere between the first stanza and the last. With songs as intimate and plain-spoken as diary entries, the Queen of the Country Music Awards proves to everyone "You can't be married twice, have two kids and go through all I've gone through in the last few years without learning a few things, you know? I think I even sound a little wiser sometimes."

The song, is for everyone who’s ever loved, lost, and learned hard-earned lessons and lived to tell about it, including the singer herself. Co-written with veteran country writers Dean Dillon and Dale Dodson, the song's opening line - "Lookin' in the bathroom mirror, putting my makeup on. Maybelline can't hide the lines of time that's gone" - reveals honest insight that any woman can relate to.
Womack herself said. "I wanted a song or two that was classic and classy female country. Tammy and Dolly would sing in those sequined dresses, almost an evening gown kind of thing. And they'd sing songs of heartbreak. You don't see females doing that anymore, but I knew I'd have fun doing it, and that was what I wanted to do with this record - just have fun and make music that I love." And it definitely shows.
In the video, Womack strikes the right balance between nostalgia and classic, mixing fashion sensibilities and style you could sense she had fun wearing. Included in the iconic fashion styling is also Alex Woo's bold ring. Prominently seen in the video, the large custom ring from an earlier design added an element that perfectly matched the video's "Valley of the Dolls" inspiration. Strikingly colorful, it pops from the screen and makes a strong statement.

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