Fashion Wire Daily - Numbers Game

Fashion Wire Daily November 2004

To hell with the nameplate necklace. It’s so over. So are the nameplate earrings, pendants with pave diamond initials and anything else of that sort. Make way for the new approach to personalized accessories: numbers.

At Henri Bendel in New York, jewelry designer Alex Woo has just launched her "little numbers" collection of — you guessed it — little numbers that dangle from sleek cords or chains. "I wanted to make something that would have a personal touch to it for the wearer and feel different than what is already out there. Everyone has a number that means something special — a birthday, numerology, a lucky digit — and I thought it would be great to create something that symbolized the story behind the numbers," says Woo, who learned to perfect her craft as the daughter of a master bench jeweler. Woo, who wears a one and a three for her birthday (January 13) and sometimes a 16 (she got married on the 16th of August) says that the numbers allow people to individualize their jewelry in their own "little way" and "keep it close to their heart." Kelly Ripa, for example, wears a three to signify her three children and Lucy Liu wears a gold number two for her birthday.
In the first two weeks, the pieces sold out at Bendel (a re-order is already in place). "It's classic yet trendy, but not so trendy that you won’t be able to wear it in twenty years," explains Woo, who feels that the whole nameplate necklace fad was just that — a fad, something that could only be worn during the time it was deemed "in." "It's the new wave of the nameplate," she offers. The numbers are available in any combination and in gold, silver or pave diamonds. Just remember: one is the loneliest number.
Article written by Karen Robinovitz

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